Carved Wooden Wall Art - Koi Fishes Feng Shui Good luck


Simply Beautiful. Koi fishes hand carved out of a single piece of Teak wood. Koi fishes represent good luck, prosperity and abundance in Feng Shui. This is a stunning Carved Wooden Wall Art handmade with some eye catching results. An exclusive and unique piece, only one carved and available. A perfect gift.

*Size: 31.5" x 16" inches (80 x 40 cm)
Teak Wood

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Hand crafted by skilled craftsmen this piece is unique and simply amazing. The intricate carvings took days to complete, painstakingly detailed to perfection. Each piece is passionately designed and carved out and no two pieces are alike, making each carving quite unique. This will undoubtedly grace the interior décor of any living space and embellish the home further.

* Due to the handmade nature of our items, small variations in size, colour, shape, pattern, or other characteristics may be evident. Each piece should be considered as a truly unique work of art, lovingly crafted by hand. The natural quality in this piece is showcased by the care put into making it. Each piece is finished individually, creating a truly unique work of art. Props and other items shown in images are not a part of the sale.