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We take huge pride in designing and manufacturing our products. All materials are responsibly sourced and every product is fit for purpose. We have road-tested our products within a home and everyday environment designed for many years of usual family wear and tear.


When caring for wood, a primary concern is water damage—no finish is ever completely waterproof. It is also important to protect wood pieces from sudden changes in temperature or humidity, which can cause cracking or warping. Keep wood away from heat sources and the bleaching and drying effects of direct sunlight. In the most humid climates, mold may pose a secondary threat. In this case, regulate indoor humidity and keep objects from direct contact with the floor.

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The beauty of the antique carved wood piece makes it worthy of display so others can enjoy it as well. Over time, that carved work collects dust simply by being out in the open. If it's left uncleaned, dust may cake onto the piece. As time goes on, the dust becomes harder to remove while rendering the carving far less attractive. Dusting regularly is the key to keeping the carving looking its best, and requires materials soft enough to wipe dust away without scratching the wood.

A feather duster brushed over the carved wood is gentle enough to cause no harm to the antique while removing dust over the entire surface.

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Our reclaimed wood is well seasoned, naturally aged and inherently rustic in finish. This timber is very durable and is much less likely to shrink, move or crack than newer timber due to the low level of moisture. It has been finished with a wax seal but over time and left to the elements this richer colour will fade. To maintain a richer colour we recommend you use natural teak oil or a clear beeswax polish depending on the finish you wish to achieve.


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