Lets Customize to your dimensions - Easternada

Lets Customize to your dimensions

Yes, its possible. We understand all homes are different and all walls have their own character and style. Why use a standard Wall Art when you can have a choice to customize the design measurements to your needs.


Style is important

Hand Carved Decorative Wood Wall Art Sculpture Headboard - Easternada

Styling your walls is as important as the décor in any room. Blending in creative wall art with your furniture could change the entire look of the room. 



Handmade Carved wood Wall Art Headboard Sculpture Flamingos - Easternada

Throw in some colour and get the room look brighter. A great colorful wall art with a natural theme could just what is needed to enhance the space. Let this be the main feature and a talking point in the room.


Big can be Beautiful

Hand Carved Wooden Wall Art Headboard Sculpture Decoration - Easternada 

Extend your art and not your wall. Give a feel of grandeur with beautiful carved wall art and make it stand out with its size. Big can be appealing and draws your attention to the space and makes it more inviting.