Interior Design Trends to Look for this year 2020 Easternada Wooden Wall Art

Interior Design Trends to Look for this Year 2020

Interior design is a continuously-evolving domain, where certain themes, such as accent walls and all-white kitchens, become commonplace when they are in vogue. However, going into the 20s, things are taking a turn towards individuality, custom pieces, and DIY designs.

Interior Design Trends 2020 Handmade Carved Wooden Wall Art and Designer Solid Hardwood Furniture EasternadaWe all want to be unique more than ever. This means no more of those cookie-cutter mass-produced products that have been seen in way too many homes. Unusually-shaped and natural designs will be commonplace. 

There will be more people looking for reflections of their personalities. They will be looking to be surrounded by living spaces that tell their story. Sometimes this means having a Handmade carved wooden mandala art panel or a handmade Bohemian hanging macramé dreamcatcher.

Modern and unique, with a handmade touch, is going to be a big focus when it comes to interior design.  Bold and eco-friendly flair is to be expected, as people become more sustainability-minded and environmentally conscious. The emphasis on natural, yet luxurious, design will be key, not only in 2020, but beyond similar to the ones featured by Easternada. People want to see more organic elements within their homes, which makes sense given how disconnected modern society has become from nature. Unique pieces of wood, carefully crafted to look exquisite within a home, will be seen in more and more homes, as we get further into 2020.

Hand crafted designer furniture is sure to make a splash in the interior design world in 2020. These are gorgeous uniquely-styled pieces of furniture that combine materials such as reclaimed teak roots with glass surfaces, or hardwood hand carved Easternada tables with live edges and brushed stainless steel corners. Fusion design, such as this, is a statement of uniqueness and originality, both of which have become important to consumers today.

Designer Solid Hardwood Center Coffee Table, Bring Nature Home. Handmade and Hand Carved from Sustainable Wood FurnitureAll of this and more is going to be seen in interior design trends in 2020. These trends are what you should look out for and incorporate into your life, if you want to be a part of the new paradigm in interior design that is now upon us.