Interior Design Changes to make this year Easternada

Interior Design changes you must make this year 2020

As we welcome not only a new year, but a new decade, we can hardly contain our excitement here at Easternada. The trends that we see on the rise within the interior design industry are perfectly attuned with the Easternada aesthetic. Seeing how designers and clients will incorporate our beautiful pieces into each upcoming look is something we can't wait to embrace. We've hand picked some of our favorite pieces to inspire our readers. We invite you to investigate which trend to harness first!

Pantone Bold and Vibrant Easternada Wood Art Designer Hardwood FurnitureBold And Vibrant Color Choices
The last decade was dominated by the airy and neutral Scandi color palette. In contrast, 2020 will see a shift into far more adventurous color schemes! Pantone announced that the color of the year will be classic blue. We are already seeing this bold and yet tranquil shade applied within decadent monochromatic interiors. Each hue can be elegantly interspersed with metallic highlights, and stunning natural wood statement pieces. Other daring shades to watch for include aubergine, burn orange and forest green. Get the look by setting a piece from our solid hardwood designer furniture collection – such as the Reclaimed Teak Root Table – against a divine Pantone inspired blue wall. This invigorating aesthetic is something that is certain to draw great attention over the coming months!

Bring nature home Interior Design Solid Hardwood Designer Furniture EasternadaBringing The Outside Inside
Design forecaster Trend Book tells us that biophilia is going to permeate interior design in a big way over 2020. If you haven't heard the term before (we hadn't!), it means a love of nature. Anticipate a merging of indoor and outdoor spaces, with wicker and rattan making a comeback. A mastery of houseplant keeping will be returning as a must-have skill! Organic wooden shapes, and carved wood wall art will immediately help you hit this trend. Consider an exquisite Hand Carved Wooden Headboard from Easternada. Combine it with some fresh green foliage to turn your bedroom into an instant oasis! Kai Chow, creative director at Doneger, told Architectural Digest that “Humans are feeling a greater need to be connected to nature and you will see elements of the ‘great outdoors’ infusing interior design.” If you need inspiration when it comes to low maintenance houseplants, look no further. Good Housekeeping tell us that this year's plant obsession will be the sophisticated silvery green of the indoor olive tree!

Eco friendly sustainable materials Easternada wooden wall art designer solid hardwood furniture tableNatural And Eco-Friendly Materials
The new decade is sure to see a broader embrace of our collective reverence of nature. The global climate movement is gaining momentum thanks to the extraordinary Greta Thunburg! In parallel, designers are honing in on celebrating the natural world. Anticipate nature themed motifs, raw surfaces and natural fabrics. Introduce an organic aesthetic into your own space with a piece from our nature-themed carved wood wall art collection. We love the spectacular and lifting Hand Carved Tree Of Hope. One of the most influential celebrities when it comes to interior design of late has to be Lenny Kravitz. Emanating style and effortless cool, Kravitz's eclectic compositions employ a feast of organic shapes and materials. This was clear to see when he invited Apartment Therapy for a visit. Easternada can help you channel a similar aesthetic in your own home. Combine a show-stealing Carved Coffee Table from our solid hardwood designer furniture range, with some Carved Wooden Masks from our breathtaking Bella Milano collection.

Neo Mint London Trend Forecaster WGSN Easternada Wood Wall ArtAlignment Of Science, Technology, And Nature, With Neo Mint
After classic blue, there is another color that has been whipping the design world into a frenzy. London trend forecaster, WGSN, has revealed that a fresh and lifting shade of green, coined "neo mint", will me making a zesty splash this year. From the catwalk to interior design circles, neo mint is popping up everywhere. To us, it seems an ideal shade to mark the turning of the decade. Neo mint elegantly marries the parallel moods of ultra-modern, and nature revival. It's air is pure contemporary! Use neo mint as a spectacular back-drop to offset your favorite Easternada pieces. Our solid hardwood designer furniture range, featuring pieces such as our Reclaimed Teak Root Coffee Tables, combine elegantly with this on-trend color. Marrying organic natural form, with the clean modern look of glass, couldn't be more apt.

Warm inviting spaces interior design Easternada Wooden Wall ArtWarm And Tactile Spaces
We simply love this hands-on trend, as it gives designers the chance to tantalize the senses! Your interior reinventions of 2020 should incorporate a stimulating array of textured surfaces. This, and diversely inviting upholstery! Design firm Breeze Giannasio tipped off Good Housekeeping, telling them that comfy and tactile fabrics are going to be on the up. So, seek out that which calls out to be touched and explored! Cindy Crawford once told Elle Decor: “I would want a blind person to love my house as much as a person who could see.” We simply love this idea! Treat your own senses with the sublime Easternada Live Edge Coffee Table. This piece sumptuously combines the warmth of wood with highly textured stainless steel. Or, perhaps you will prefer the irresistibly intricate Aztec Center Coffee Table. Both feature in our exclusive solid hardwood designer furniture selection. Allow Easternada to make inhabiting your home a multi-faceted pleasure!

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