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Awaken Your Inner Healing Through Art

If you’ve been feeling a little spiritually drained lately, then it might be time to give your inner self some healing. While there are plenty of ways to go about doing this; reading scriptures, meditating, talking to a counsellor etc. but one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways is through artistic expression. When we create art with love and care for our own hearts, then that love and care will overflow into the world around us.


I’ve discovered that when I do this, it helps me heal my “inner child” and “inner parent” so that they can achieve a healthy and happy relationship. If I’m feeling spiritually drained, then my inner child might be angry or sad or ill-treated. It might need to be told that it is loved and cared for. My inner parent, the part of me that cares for the child, might also have needs; it might need to be assured that it’s doing a good job of taking care of its child, or else it might feel like a failure.


Om Mantra - Hand Carved Distressed White Panel


These are deep, important needs that we all have. And we don’t really know how to take care of them ourselves, it takes a therapist and a spiritual teacher, or at least some really good self-help books. But art helps us express these needs in a powerful, direct way that gives our inner child the assurance of love and care that it needs to heal, and our inner parent the strength to overcome its own fears.


The healing can be done with images alone, but including words helps. The image might be simple: for example, an image of a tree in autumn with the phrase “I am loved” or “I am cared for.” The healing can be done with a mantra, which is a short phrase that can be repeated over and over. Mantras typically use the sound “Om” or “Allah,” though sometimes they use words. I like to create mantras from the sounds of nature: for example, forest sounds, waves on the beach, rain falling. There are many ways to make up a mantra; you could ask your inner child or inner parent what kind of sound it likes or take inspiration from something in nature.

 Hand Carved Wooden Allah Islamic Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy Large Wood Art Gold Decoration
slamic Calligraphy - Hand Carved Ayatul Kursi Panel 


Taking reference from Hindu traditions, ‘Dhyana’ is the Sanskrit word for the journey of the mind. It is the mental activity of the mind. The human mind is considered a receptacle that has a flow of thoughts. Thus, the human mind is said to feature the creative potency of God.


The popular saying, “You are what you think”, is one of the oldest teachings of learned men. It is not an exaggeration when wise men quote that an individual is a sum of his/her thoughts and desires both in the current and past lives.

 Hindu Mandir Yoga Saraswati Goddess Temple Wood carved Art Sculpture
araswati Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Music & Art - Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture


So, to attain enlightenment and pave the way for inner healing, you should surround yourself with a conducive atmosphere. Are you wondering how you can do it? No worries! We are here to help.


Much like meditation, art can enable individuals to tap into the deeper and quieter part of their minds. Yes, art is a wholesome way of achieving inner healing. Whether it is creating art or having art around, the result is heightened peace and calm.

 Christian Bible Jesus Cross Handmade Wooden Sculpture Art Décor Easternada
hristian Cross - Hand Carved Wooden Cross

Usually looked upon as a piece of decoration and mood boosters, wall art can be the perfect object to meditate on. Let us consider a few examples to put this in perspective.


For instance, Hindus usually chant the mantra ‘Om’ during meditation, and a handmade wooden decorative ‘Om’ mantra wall art will be the perfect accessory to living space or bedrooms.

 Hindu Mandir Lord Siva Meditation Handmade Wooden Art Sculpture Easternada
ord Siva Hindu God - Hand Carved Mandir Art Panel

It not only acts as a gentle reminder to focus on your inner wellbeing and helps you find the proper focus but also blends into your existing home décor. You can find more of such elegant and handmade pieces at Easternada, known for their collections of hand-carved wooden décor pieces and designer furniture.


Similarly, the followers of Buddhism place a great deal of importance on the lotus flower. To them, a lotus is a symbolic representation of the purity of mind, body and speech. Like how beautiful lotus flowers float over murky waters, Buddhism encourages individuals to float over and not be affected by material attachments and physical desires.

 Buddha Peace Meditation Yoga Wooden Hand Carved Wall Panel Easternada
uddha in Peace - Hand Carved Decorative Meditation Panel

Elegant and handmade Wooden Wall Art Lotus Headboard Panels from Easternada make for a perfect Meditation accessory and let your mind explore the depths of enlightenment at ease!


Proper meditation is key to develop good health, happiness, and other valuable virtues like compassion, awareness, creativity, and patience. Given the hectic world and our day-to-day stresses in life, it is absolutely essential to take some time out for yourself and unwind. What better way than to meditate and welcome positive energy into yourself!


*Easternada can also custom carve to your specifications, simply send them a message for details