Designer Kitchen Dinning Room Furniture Solid Hardwood Dinning Table


Exclusive Kitchen Dinning Room Solid Wood Designer Furniture Dinning Table (Seats 4-6): KAMALA

Our latest collection of designer furniture includes Solid Hardwood Hand Carved Tables. Styled in a natural look, these tables are simply adorable. These incredibly beautiful Solid Hardwood Hand Carved tables will definitely be a focal point in any room and create an interesting conversation topic with friends and family.

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The Solid Hardwood Hand Carved table has been handcrafted to provide a solid, strong look that is pleasing to the eye and will stay on trend for years to come. The Solid Wood has been sourced from The National Indonesian Eco Program which encourages regrowth of forests and promotes sustainable livelihoods for local people.

*Size: 130 x 74 cm
Glass: 130 cm Round x 12 mm Thick (Toughed)
(Props shown in the pictures not included in the sale)

* Due to the handmade nature of our items, small variations in size, colour, shape, pattern, or other characteristics may be evident. Each piece should be considered as a truly unique work of art, lovingly crafted by hand. The natural quality of the wood in this piece is showcased by the care put into making it. Each piece is finished individually, creating a truly unique work of art.